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Come on in and introduce yourself! I'll start.

I'm AnGella, I started this network after we lost the use of I had so much fun there learning how to do this stuff and seeing all the work other people made that I wanted to keep posting with others. I had started my own site to offer my design services but it was no fun posting alone. So here we are!

I'm pretty easy going. I'm modest. I'm an artaholic. I always wanted to be an artist when I grew up. My Senior year in High School was all art classes except for one required class... Econ. I wanted to go to MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design) but didn't have the money post graduation. Then I guess I fell into the trap of believing I could never make a living with my art. Ok, I'm still not making any money on my art... but maybe one day. I really only got back into creating it in the past year.

I went to college when I was 25. I was able to apply for loans and grants at that time. I put art on the back burner and went for a degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in Forensics. (Death Investigation) I love it as much as art but just can't picture myself around dead people all day every day. I'd much rather make art even if it doesn't pay as well. There's that modesty... I don't need much in the way of possessions. Happiness is much more valuable to me.

Anything you want to know, just ask. :)

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Hi friends, I am the only one who is not a U.S. citizen.
My country is far away, many have never even heard of Croatia.
I am a 60 year old, in retirement, I have a lot of free time and I enjoy working themes.
Anyway, I'm glad to be here and hope to learn lots from you all. I've got a lot to learn ...haha

Angela, you are an artist, I love, your work, my sincere the respect and a big thank you.

Thank dear! That means a lot to me.


Örülök, hogy sikerült nehézségek árán is az oldalon résztvenni.
Nagyon szeretem a szép oldalakat, imádom szépíteni. Remélem sikerül hamar elsajátítani ennek az oldalnak a működését is.
Hálás Köszönönet Connie , hogy az én bénáskodásomat elfogadta.
A nevem Éva de a Hamucika a becenevem. Több szép oldalon vagyok jelen. Remélem itt is sikerül sok kedves Barátra találni. Nyugdíjas vagyok, de még havonta párnapot dolgozom az igazságszolgáltatásban.
Szabadidőmben az oldalaim díszítésével foglalom el magam.

Köszönöm a kedves fogadtatást. Szép estét kívánok.

Évi vagyok Budapestről. Becenevem: Hamucika
Szeretem a szép oldalakat, a kedves Barátokat.
Nagy gyűjtő vagyok a png képek területén.
Kicsit nehéz még itt nekem, mert a nyelvet nem beszélem.
Nyugdíjas vagyok, de még dolgozom havonta pár napot.
Szeretem a szép oldalakat, zenét, filmeket.
Ha kiváncsi vagy még másra is nyugodtan kérdezz.
Köszönöm, hogy itt lehetek.
Mindenkinek egy hatalmas nagy ölelés.

Hello! Thank you to be here.
My name is Zia.
I live in a beautiful town in Hungary
I am a long time member of the "Noening" community.
I work as a security manager.
My hobby is editing the pictures, flower arrangement.
I love to cook.
I love good food, good music.
My son is an adult, she lives in the Netherlands.
I do not speak English, but I'm learning.

Welcome to the site ladies! :)

Howdy to all of you,
I'm thankful to be invited to the group by Ḓø◎∂ℓℯ❞ʟƴᾔ ∂εṧḯℊηẕ ßƴ ☾øᾔηḯε
I'm quite new at Ning and the whole CSS things but so much like what I'm seeing.
I am a web designer, social media manager, retail online store owner and love creating. Also learning psp, animation and poser.
I'm a mother of 5 grown children and 10 grandchildren (two who are with me quite a bit)

Since I really want to have a community where I can connect to others in regard to making some lasting friendships, sharing my web design, clients and just share things that are so important. I want to connect with others and really miss being able to do that with either being mobile or internet down. All in all Ning seems the option to go.
I haven't done much with CSS or themes until now but I'm excited to learn and create. I have a blank CSS to work with someone shared from another page and that's going to help me I think to get started.
I can't seem to log in correctly without errors to look at everyone's themes/backgrounds here but hope their is a solution for this. I thought maybe I could use one of the dynamite themes I found here but so far none are showing up correctly when I put them in the advanced css. I will keep at it :)
Time never seems to be on my side in learning so do more courses online than enrolling in classes.
I currently am mobile in my RV due to some circumstances that caused changes. All things are temporary and it's a journey I'm determined to enjoy no matter what.
I was working nights for awhile but that ended so I try to stay put, do the survival thing with an RV and work online now more than I have been able to do for awhile.
Looking forward to beginning to connect and get to know others as time permits.

Such a nice story Angella and thank you for sharing. I sometimes feel out of my depth here but I don't give up easily. Peace and love - Byron

My Name is Byron - also known as Reggaeman. I was born in Jamaica and came to England, my choice, to Join the Royal Air Force in engineering. I stayed in for 22 and a 1/2 years during which time I had travelled all over the world. I am married and my wife is from Holland and vertually my right arm LOL. I am fully retired and will be 74 in July 2015.
My hubbies are Gym, Coaching Squash and Racketball. I some times play. Love reggae music but listen to most music if it has a story I can understand. I love challengies and so far this site has been the most challenging.
I like meeting new people so rock on you will get the same treatment as any of my friends.
Favourite saying!!! "Forget the past stop dreading the future and spend the minutes as they were the only minutes".
Peace and love

Hello to everyone. I am new, but love to meet people from around the world, especially US.

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