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Here's a new game for us to play. You have to list 3 things about yourself. 2 of them MUST be the truth and 1 of them has to be a lie. Then someone has to guess which one is a lie and if you get it right then you post 3 of your own and so on.


I'll start:


A) My favorite color is blue

B) I have 2 dogs

C) My favorite season is Spring

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1. I suck at this game.
2. I am so happy to be going back to work tonight!
3. I tried to rescue a dog last week and got in a fire ant bed:{

2. Is a big FAT lie!

Were you rescuing the dog from the ants? lol

Gold star for the correct he/she didn't appear to have any problems with the ants. It was raining and we kept getting calls on this little white poodle running loose and supposedly had made his/her home on the dirt at the top of a bridge over I95. There are several hotels there and I figured he had been lost by someone traveling and this big heart worried because little poodle not supposed to be out there....long story but pooch didn't like me, scared of me. He/she has been out there for some time, very neglected. Still worried about him/her.

AnGella said:

2. Is a big FAT lie!

Were you rescuing the dog from the ants? lol

Awww poor thing. Have you checked your local craig's list for lost found? Maybe you could snap it's picture if it isn't taking kindly to strangers. did you bring food?

Ok my turn!

1) I'm going to need another pot of coffee.
2) It's sunny in Wisconsin.
3) I'm tired.

Brought food two disappeared.

2) It's sunny in Wisconsin.

You did what you could.

You are correct. Although it is daytime here... the sun is "incog-neetus". lol

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