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" The rose speaks of love silently, in a language know only to the heart"...This couple was married 67 years...It being so close to Valentine's Day and the fact that this does not happen everyday and that coupled with the length of marriages now a days, what a heart warming story....Childhood sweethearts die hours apart, unaware of other’s death
Michael DeNittis didn't know that his childhood sweetheart and wife of 67 years passed away the day before he died.

The 94-year old New Jersey man, who died last Tuesday from colon cancer, said he dreamed about his wife's death the night prior and expressed concern for her well-being the next day.
"It was bizarre," their granddaughter Ann Marie McDonald tells The Star-Ledger. "I think instinctually he knew she had died."
"We made a decision not to tell him. I saw him in the hospital (and) there was still a glimmer of hope we might be able to bring him home," McDonald explains about her grandfather who battled colon cancer for three years.
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The entire family was expecting that Michael would succumb to his terminal cancer before his 95-year-old wife, Olympia DeNittis unexpectedly landed in hospital with a bout of pneumonia that eventually took her life.
McDonald believes her grandmother died of a broken heart. When Michael was diagnosed with cancer, Olympia expressed dismay at how difficult it would be to continue life without him.
"I think she wanted to predecease him, to some extent, to kind of welcome him into heaven," McDonald tells CBS.
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The couple grew up in the same working-class Italian neighbourhood their parents had immigrated to and were married just after World War II.
"They were both remarkable people. We relied on their guidance and insight until the end. And now they're together," says McDonald

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