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At 1:37pm on March 29, 2012, Marica said…


At 12:09pm on March 29, 2012, Helen said…


At 6:34am on March 29, 2012, Moppy said…

yussss 850...will have a play with it again later...actually had fun with your codes instead LOL HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZ <3

At 10:05pm on March 28, 2012, Moppy said…

ok got your coding working now...amazing what one little tiny space can do LOL

At 9:48pm on March 28, 2012, Moppy said…

just put everything out of whack...been playing but I still can't get nav bar properly...decided to try one of your coding and have stuffed that up too LMAO...have look at my EN too big and no BG LOL LOL

At 9:16pm on March 28, 2012, Moppy said…

well at least I can see in PSP now...I just went to cheat and use the ning generator...haven't been in there for aaages...why u change it? It doesn't work properly now :( Can have old one back pleeeeeeeeeeeeease LOL

At 8:16pm on March 28, 2012, Moppy said…

At 8:13pm on March 28, 2012, Moppy said…

Hiiii gorgeous desktop is dead...I should ring Acer but can't be bothered as I know they won't do anything about it!! My lappy is it for now and I have it so I can read without squinting now but then it goes huge on some stuff...definitely doesn't like having the default settings changed LOL

At 12:13pm on March 26, 2012, Gloria said…

Just went out with my friend for breakfast at our friendly cafe and people were talking about the 40 to 60 mile in hour winds later on this afternoon. Wow I better stay in doors or I will blow away. We have a high temp of 36 above so it should rain and not snow, we shall see. This is a good day to get a book in hand along with a cup of coffee. Have a very nice day enjoying your moments the best you can. Praise you Lord for this day what ever it brings me with its ups and downs. 1 Thess, 3: 18 In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Hugs and smiles Gloria.

At 11:11am on March 25, 2012, Gloria said…

What a glorious Sunday day we are having today .The temp is only 27 but we have sunshine which makes it feel even warmer. Hubby and I had such a special day yesterday for part of the family came over for the day and we all had such an enjoyable time. Do have a very pleasant Sunday . Smiles Gloria

"Silent" and "listen" are spelled with the same letters. ~Author Unknown

At 8:30am on March 25, 2012, Barbara Mc is Playing! said…

I just got the edited coding from the post. Thanks again. Don't know why the corrections I made didn't show last night, should not be a cookie issue. One of coding's little mysteries to me:} Gonna see what you did different than what I had:}

At 6:59am on March 25, 2012, Barbara Mc said…

Oh, and thank you for fixing it:}

At 6:55am on March 25, 2012, Barbara Mc is Playing! said…

Well dang. Talk about time delay....The reason you see it on my profile is that I changed the coding probably an hour or two before I attached the code and sent it to you in the email. If you'll notice I had changed it in the coding in the email. But, still wasn't showing on my page so I thought that wasn't the problem. I opened IE and looked at it there too and it was still just showing bg color and no image. I took the comment box coding from my previous layout and inserted it and it still didn't show. Don't know. I hate not knowing. Wish I was smart as you and B, lol.

At 6:26am on March 25, 2012, Ireness said…

At 8:11pm on March 24, 2012, ḓø◎∂ℓℯ❞ʟƴᾔ ∂εṧḯℊηẕ ßƴ ☾øᾔηḯε said…

ah ha thats what it effects, I'm like well it worked I seen everything but you know best. I see now, its always nice to know why ya know.... Saw our new member woo hoo I already picked an image... hehe You should invite all DA peeps here! Tell them we need them.

At 7:18pm on March 24, 2012, ḓø◎∂ℓℯ❞ʟƴᾔ ∂εṧḯℊηẕ ßƴ ☾øᾔηḯε said…

So on top of things! ty

At 10:07am on March 23, 2012, ḓø◎∂ℓℯ❞ʟƴᾔ ∂εṧḯℊηẕ ßƴ ☾øᾔηḯε said…

OH! and TY very much for letting me know

At 9:58am on March 23, 2012, ḓø◎∂ℓℯ❞ʟƴᾔ ∂εṧḯℊηẕ ßƴ ☾øᾔηḯε said…

Looks like I did didn't I. oops I was tired and put in the wrong url for screen shot and I do remember putting that one in the trast by mistake but I restored both this morning but only see Jehovah... if its totally gone I will re-post in a bit. Site looks grrrreat! of course wouldn't expect any less from you my friend♥ Good work Starting on my new skinny I am doing something out of my norm might need a tip ot two down the road. I have some things in mind but we will see. OOOOk java time!

At 2:35am on March 22, 2012, Barbara Mc said…

Ahhhhh, my timing must have been just at that change point then, cause it let me go to them and select the skinny ning ds generator, but I got the error....went back in about 5 minutes and they were gone....o.k...the heathens have slowed down, which one would you rather me play with?

At 2:20am on March 22, 2012, Barbara Mc said…

O.k. Just went back again and it won't evens let me see the DS Generators now:{




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