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Well friends, it looks like we will be coming to an end.

Back in December our CSS code was lost somehow by Ning. The PC that I had it stored on is no longer accessible and I simply do not have time to rebuild this site knowing that Ning can loose files at will and tell me it is on my end. That was Ning's final response regarding the loss of our site design. The issue was not on their end, it was on mine. Mind you I had not logged onto the site in weeks, possibly months before this occurred, but according to Ning it is on my end.

With this being their answer to me I can no longer put mine or my husband's finances into a company that does not take responsibility for their mistakes or back up files for a network that doesn't give the admin the tools to do that job themself. They informed me that to back up the content of this site it would have to be done manually. I do not have the time in my life to save every photo that has been uploaded or linked in this site much less all the posts and content.

If you have content on this site that you do not want to loose, it will be your responsibility to manually save that content. You will have at least 30 days to do so before I cancel the network.

Our original site will remain

If anyone has any questions or concerns I will do my best to help answer them. I apologize for the inconvenience this causes. I know at one point I had considered opening a new site on Ning 3.0 but following the way that this very serious issue was handled I do not see it as a good use of my time or talents. I am the mother of an autistic child and that is my main priority. My free time is precious to me and most times relies on other people in my home to look after my little man.



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Zohra said:

Hallo Angella,

Sorry om dit te lezen. Maar ik heb nog een andere optie voor jou. Ik ben een vrijwilliger op een Nederlands sociaal netwerk, genaamd 'Vriendenplekl'. Deze website is gebaseerd op de WOWONDER-software voor sociaal netwerken.

De website staat CSS toe voor ledenprofielen en we zijn wanhopig op zoek naar mensen met geweldige CSS-vaardigheden om thema's aan onze leden aan te bieden.

Hoewel de website in het Nederlands is, heeft u toegang tot het Engels en andere talen.

Hoe zou u het vinden om thema's voor onze website te gaan maken?

wowonder is echt gaaf en we zouden je daar graag als thema-maker hebben, je kunt zelfs premiumthema's aanbieden op de interne markt of in groepen of pagina's op de website!

Vriendelijke groet,


Ps: Je verdient € 0,10 voor elk lid dat je op de site aansluit via je persoonlijke affiliate-link die je kunt vinden in je instellingen!

BTW, we are desperately looking for a skilled coder who can create a visual WYSIWYG CSS theme-generator just like you guys had here for the NING-system

I truly appreciate your invitation. As I touched on above to Snow Wolf, I am in the early stages of a new project on Wordpress.  Once I have that accomplished I may look into helping with other sites. 

I have very limited freetime anymore due to having a child who is autistic and needs constant supervision.  Coding and interruptions is challenging.  Aside from my son I have had personal issues with my vision and the loss of my PC that had all my codes images and photo programs.  I recently found a box with two desktops in it so I hope the files will be salvageable.

I will be in touch before this site closes.

I am so sorry, AnGella. Your website has always been a great reference for me.
We live by choices and for sure you did the best.
I wish you all the best, good luck and success always.
Thank youso much.

We will miss this site.

It is a very sad message and for the love of me I can't understand Ning getting rid of Ning 2.  There are so many of us that enjoy this type of format and a good pass time to create.  I am sure that we all are upset.  

Your site was a blessing to many of us.

Take care and God Bless.

I have a lot of friends here, a lot of memories, we all grew up on your site, Ning let everyone run away, that's really sad

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