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For those times when Skem9 goes down and we need a back-up plan....

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Turrible... still not up.

Very turrible!! Thank goodness we still have SA!!! You rock Angellaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Thanks Moppy! Yeah TGFS (Thank God for Skemanon)

PS... you rock too! :)

As the gal was putting my lenses into a new frame, she broke my old ones even more. Then as I am trying the new ones on... they break! Right on my face. New frames are in brown, but free on account of all the red ones breaking.

I want my Skem9!

And We're back!

There is nothing quite like it... I hope it comes back.

Dear Santa,

I would like me some Skem9 for Christmas.

Been good... AnGella

Hee hee, we are so pathetic. This really does suck though....It is great that we have you and SA as back up....pity John doesn't have back up. Sigh.

Well at least I am since I am the only one talking to mah-self.

You're not the only one, lmfao.....All my personalities talk to themselves:}

LMBO! Do they all get along with themselves?

Yes, they think highly of each other. Always there to play devil's advocate and keep the one with the pitchfork from over riding the one with the halo....that is a real challenge. But as a whole, minor battles and no major wars....yet.

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