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The site still exists for the moment.

I'm not sure of the future but I know that I no longer have the time it takes to run a site like this.

In 2013 my youngest son was born and in late 2016 he was diagnosed with Autism. I left my job shortly after that and took on hobbies that were less demanding. That's where I disappeared to.

Are there people still using this site?

Our separate Wordpress site went down in late October or Early November as the card used to pay for it expired and I hadn't even noticed until last week when I got an email that needed to be renewed. A former member contacted me on Facebook in December but unfortunately I didn't get the message until today. I do not use messenger on my phone and yes it had been a month since I checked my Facebook from a computer.

I don't even have a photo program anymore!

If anyone is out there and interested in me attempting to slowly replace the generators let me know here.

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Marilyn Harris said:

Note to AnGella whenever she has a chance to be here: My son is autistic and he is now 46 years old. He can drive a car but he has to have a guardian and conservator to handle his finances. He lives in a community in Florida for disabled people who are independent. He is doing well there. Anyway, it was extremely hard work raising him, trying to train him which seemed impossible! It got much better when he was much older. Everyone is so different, and all autistic people are different, too. I wish you well with your child and just hand in there and do the best you can to raise him.
Mari (Marilyn Harris)

Welcome and thank you for your story and words of encouragement! We have begun therapy again and working on week three we have started potty training. Never a dull moment. :)

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