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We are a eclectic Gathering of Witches, Wiccans,Pagans,Mystics sharing in knowledge/experiences.Who embrace both dark and light Our focus is on group interaction,discussion. We do have a monthly Newsletter or Ezine if you will, and more.

Our Groups vary , we will begin classes in Jan and  have an online coven as well which is only in the beginning stages. We have women only groups and men only,as well as special causes/

Must be 20yrs & older

Yes I am the proud owner, founder of CGW

According to the dictionary a Gray Witch is neutral
She does not harm but does not bless or benefit any one.
I sort of differ in this as I do bless my sisters and those who may request
I also believe very well if I am justified and my own plate is clean
I may use my magick in justice if me or family  is threatend
I do not play yet do not, nor will I hex or curse any just becasuse you cussed at me on the high way
That is not what magick is for and there are consequences for misusing magick
Misusing energy can be harmful
Example , put your hand through an electric socket
make sure switch turned on
I can tell you , you will wish you did not/
Magick like energy  which is energy is neutral
Not bad or good
It is how we channel and use it

We must know what we are doing, and why.

The Gray Path embraces both the light and dark, as Night and day make one day

Lady Hekate)0(

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Ahhh and this one too.. Ning you F##kers..oops..




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