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Anyone else shoot besides me? If so what do you use? (techniques, camera, etc). What are some of your fave pics?

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From the beautiful state of Maine! (I visited Acadia National Park)
That's when I used a SLR 35mm.....
Now I use a basic Digital point and shoot...... Kodak

BUT.... My real love is PhotoShop!
Depend's on the carma mostly i use a canon AE1 with a telephoto lens i also use it to make some of my tag's and layout image's.I also like to use a tripod with them my hand's are'nt steady like they were year's ago but then again that's what happen's with age i guess..
OMG Arcadia is very beautiful, I need to scrape up the money and head back down there at some point. I think photoshop is my enemy, not physically but mentally. I use Nikon D70, and love it, however, I did get it in school, and as poor as I am, I don't have enough money to get more tools for it. Don't feel bad Twin Eagle, I also use my tripod at times. I think that my last concert I got done shooting was one of the best ones that I did. :)
I love photography! Had a Fujica 35mm but it broke... now I am just using a Panasonic digital point and shoot. Wish I knew where my tripod was.
just got myself a digital camera and am still practicing with it!!
Bubblebutt's Playground!! said:
just got myself a digital camera and am still practicing with it!!

They are fun!
I got a nice digital camera for my birthday Ive been practicing with ith ever since
Awesome! My digital ran out of batteries this Christmas. :(

lol I love to take pictures but am no photographer...I have a nikkon cool pics and I do get awsome garden shots from time to time




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