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Hello! Just checking in after a very long break. When all the mess with NING 3.0 happened I just let it go I guess and started playing Minecraft. Checking in today to find out if people are still using this site and if they are still on Ning at all. Drop me a message if you are still here! :)


My time to renew the site comes up next month, and as you may know Ning has raised some prices. If you are still using this site and interested in me keeping it open please consider contributing any small amount to help me keep it online.

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Donations Received

$31.50 of $239

Sue - $4.50

Gloria - $7.00

Connie - $20.00

$207.50 needed!

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Much love and thanks to Connie, not only for her generous donation but for being there for us whenever need arose.

I checked my account and last year the payment was taken out on the 7th of May. I have until then to cancel my network I guess.

I spoke with Ning and it is possible to change to a monthly plan. For me financially though it is not. If I switch to a monthly plan I will be charged $24.95 each month totaling $299.40 for the year. I can not justify paying an additional $60 and be concerned each month if I will be able to cover the charges.

If the community is not willing and able to assist in covering basic running costs I see no reason to continue to maintain the site other than archival purposes and the fact that I could never get a Ning 2.0 site again. I feel as though all our work over the past 7 years is being held hostage.

I just created a Discord Channel for us, available on the front page of the site. If you have a mic you will be able to chat with friends here!

I am still learning how to use it so bare with me please lol.

Just checked and yes I have, just stopped checking. Will try to update on Friday. Work and family is keeping me busy.

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