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Every good social network needs a code of conduct to insure all members are respected and comfortable.

Roles of Moderators

  • To assist with technical issues
  • To answer site related Questions
  • To insure Code of Conduct is followed and enforced

Our current code of conduct:

  1. Conduct yourself in a mature manner
  2. No profanity directed to any member or members family
  3. Use of copyrighted images is prohibited unless written permission is given, site owner reserves the right to request this documentation at any time
  4. No Nudity in the layouts, forums, blogs or any section of the site, remember we have some members that are underage.
  5. No racist or hatred remarks to any member or member's family
  6. Exploitation of a member in a sexual or violent manner is not tolerated
  7. All site workers must conduct themselves in a professional manner. Nothing goes into the forums for open discussion when there is a problem with one if the sites members.
  8. No harassing to any member or members family including site workers!
  9. No threats to any member, members family or site workers!
  10. Site/owner reserves the right to delete any content that does not comply with our Code of Conduct at anytime and without notice
  11. The owner of the site has full power to ban, delete any member that does not comply with the guidelines

Thanks and I hope you all enjoy your time here!

If I have missed anything you believe should be added do not hesitate to let me know!

To report abuse: Report an Issue
There is also a Report an Issue button at the bottom of every page!

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