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I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's.

I celebrated mine with the kids, hanging out on the couch and playing with my new smartphone and tablet. We got lucky that night on our trip to Verizon. Our first trip to the store was terrible. We had to apply Scott's work discount to our phone plan and could only do it from a specific store, we were also due for our new every two years deal.

The sales assoc. didn't seem to know much about the phones we wanted to look at. Didn't want to allow us to see if a phone we were interested in could run a specific app. and wanted to sell me a pink case. Unsatisfied with his help, we left the store and went to another close to home. The app is for the video game we play, Call of Duty: Ghosts was the reason we were going to give in and get a smart phone. lol But I digress... When we told the new assoc. he was very helpful and downloaded the app to the floor model to make sure it would work for us. He felt bad for us having to drive to a different store with snow coming down to get the help we needed. So he tells us about a deal for Isis Mobile Wallet. They give you $50 in your mobile wallet to start you off. Verizon had tablets for $200 off. So, a Galaxy Tab 2 was only $100. With two phones and two wallets we had enough to get the tablet for free and they were going to waive the fee for adding the device. And that's how we got a tablet for $5.10.

What does this have to do with the site?
Well, it's going to hopefully move the site forward into the Mobile design. I can now see why the changes were made and I can still make Ning look good for those visiting from a tablet or phone. I will still be doing all my work on the desktop, but my admin duties can now be done from anywhere me and the baby are. ;) I hope this leaves me more time to use the site for my creative side. This past year was very busy for me and being anchored to a desk made me spend more time away from the site. Now my problem will be fighting the kids for a tablet. lol

I am going to start the year out featuring Connie, Doodle lyn Designs for being here for me. She's kept me going. :) She has been here to greet members and help them out with groups and with Ning 3.0 info. I really appreciate her and look forward to making layouts with her that make Mobile look good too. :D Stop by her page and give her some love!

Doodle Lyn Designs
 photo 2014FMDLD.png

This month's featured layouts are not yet posted, but I am working on it.

Hope you all have a prosperous New Year!


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Wow, that's a lot of tablets!

Well I am glad people have some more time! :)

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