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Recently i started a social network on the WALL.FM platform and i just LOVE it... however theme-design for WALL.fM has a totally different engine and it's quite complicated.

I am not happy with my design as it is right now, it's dark and gloomy, so i am looking for a happy theme that comes real close to this one:


I would like to have almost exactly the same look and feel for my site, like background, body bakground, module headers, module backgrounds, etc., because i'd like to reach a big audience and my present theme is not really inviting new people, and i want my site to be a happy place.

I don't know if there is anyone here who has experience with, but i guess there is... theme's are based on the html-structure of a chosen template, so if you create a css theme, it has to be based on that template.

I am using the template: 'Macabre', because this template has the layout i want for my network, i hope there is someone to help me to make the theme i requested.

This is my site:


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Hi Zohra! I'm still fixing all those layouts. lol I'm guessing at least another week there.
LOL! Hey Angella,

I am not in a rush dear :) But i am just wondering if it's possible to request a theme for here?

I'm also looking for a group of people who like to create themes and layouts for fun, for member profiles and groups too.... I wanna make this a killer-network that looks very cool and is pleasant to hang out...

Thanks for answering again :)

Since I am not familiar with their CSS I can't take the request at this time.
Being the only techie here, and no expert at that either...
I have a full plate and would certainly consider it if there is anyone who wants to contribute to that, I just can't personally commit to any outside projects unless they are commissions.

I had some one ask me about another platform that seems really nice but you have to purchase it which has it's advantages and disadvantages.

No time or money for that right now either. But I want to! lol

Hi Angella,

I can understand you :)

But it's not that hard, not as hard as you think.

The themes on are based on the template you choose, so basically when you want to make a css code for a site, you have to choose a template, because of it's specific htm-formatting...

I chose the 'macabre' template, because it has the layout i want, now based on the
'Macabre' theme, there has to be a css style.

On you can make unlimited testing networks, you can set up a test site, and choose the macabre template and try it it whenevre you have some time.

I really think my site looks too gloomy at this point and desperate for a happy theme, wich applies to the majority of people...


What you can also do, is create a profile on my site, make a theme, that theme then works on my site specifically because i already use a template (LOL!) but a profile template won't work for the entire network, it works for profiles only....




Groups on are also customizable, look at my groups on my site :)

I have groups for almost everything and i'd love to see peopl creating groups to show of their works and share themes with other site members...


Well anyway, don't wanna bother you or steal your time :) thanks for taking a look at it anyway Angella :)



I like gloomy. lol ;)

I have to limit my memberships to sites. I'm fairly anti-social and find that things don't always go well when I join networks. The last one I joined actually banned me because I fixed all those layouts for and they are competing with them on Ning. Total BS drama that sometimes happens. I'm totally offended that they would think I would let my hard work be wasted for their site membership.

I am in no way saying that would happen with you, just letting you know why I have the general rule.

Hi Angella,

I think you're more social then you might know hehehe, since you're always replying to my messages :)

I can totally understand your opinion...

You know, in fact, i want my social network to be some kind of anarchistic or very free place, just like on for example, not too formal, i want it to be a fun place for everyone, specially artistic people, where they can be creative and feel free to pimp their profiles or groups the way they want it to be.

And most of all i never want to be disrespectful.

If you decide to make layouts some time, you are ofcourse always free to add your own links and references and stuff, i never want to pretent like they are MY work, just trying to get my site active...

Right now there isn't much to do yet on my site, because people find it boring because there is still too little content, too few people being active and there are hardly any layouts...

IF there would be some cool layouts for members to choose from, they would find it more fun.

Now, what if i ask you to make a layout generator, just like you did for NING, how much would you ask for that?

I know only so little about theme-creating, i know how to work with firebug just a little bit, but not enough yet, though i'm studying it and learning bits every day... powered social networks are so cool , even cooler then NING.

The groups allow css-styling also, and have unlimited HTML boxes, so you can make it serve as a miniature social network, when you use the HTML possibillities in a creative way. You could even embed your own website or blog inside an i-frame into the group, so you would have your entire website embedded into an HTML box. So you group would serve as a frame for members of my site to access your content.


I did an attempt styling a twitter-clone group on my site here.


It's not ready yet, but i'm getting there... still needs some tweaking and styling.


I would just feel so honored to have you there, because in my opinion you are the 'queen of coding':)

Pleace consider my question about a layout generator, let me know how much you would ask for such a thing, i'd like to offer it on a separate page i can create.

I can also offer you your own section, to show-off your works so it would be completely yours...

Maybe some day in the future you might like it:)

Anyway, thanks for answering my questions!


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