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Looking for layout creators for profiles and groups on my powered website!

Hi everyone,

This week i created a social network on WALL.FM... and it's actually pretty much similar to NING, however, WALL.FM doesn't have a profile-styling opting, but, there IS a hack to give member profiles a still by putting css-code into a HTM box wich you can add to your personal profile and ven subgroups on the site.

Now, i am too busy working on the site and promoting it and my skills of css aren't all that.

So, i'm looking for people who love coding as a hobby (volunteers) who like to work with me on the sit and offer css-layout codes for member profiles and subgroups ( allows to apply css to subgroups, so you can make your groups really cool)

Who is willing to help me here?

The adress of my (test) site is here:


See the discussion on my site here:
Thanks a bunch!

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I have a huge project I am working on at present. One of the sites we make layouts for changed their coding so I have about 140 more layouts to fix before I tackle any new projects. I will look into it once I get my current task completed.
LOL, OMG girl you're so terribly busy, what a project, 140 themes hehehe!!!

Well, right now i am using the hosted version of, just like with ning, some day they can chenge their goels and streategies and stuff, just like ning does all the time, however, i am planning to download their software, host it myself and add just the updates i like to is and the software is opensource, so i can go my own way with it.

Anyway, thanks a bunch, i really wish for someone to help me, because i am helpless with coding, i just know such a few things...


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