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I was recently sent this report and am attempting to collect more info from members to help solve this:

Every time I come to this site now I have to put my name and pass word in, and I have asked others and they said Yes they had to to.. What do you think is going on,not long ago I could not get on any ning It came through as ERROR So I feel like something is going on..ANY HELP would be great on this subject??

If you are also having this issue, please tell us what browser ans version you are using! Also, please check THESE SETTINGS in your browser.


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Eric was helping out here:

So if it is a Ning / FF issue they will be working on it... I hope. ;)

Thanks for the update on that. Ning does only list version 9 and 10 so they may have to make adjustments for FF 11. I'll keep you posted.

Marie Bolt said:

UM I do not know If it is a ning thing,because they old firefox had the great add on about the password you could save if you wished.. I really feel its a firefox thing... I just checked my cookie and adjusted to what it said to do and nothing has changed!! (((::

UPDATE from Eric Suesz:

Okay, I appreciate everyone's patience about this Ning-keeps-signing-me-out business. I know that can be a real pain the neck if you are a big user of online services (which so many of us are). Having to sign in repeatedly can be a major annoyance.

So, our team did some digging, and I think that we found the culprit. They are deploying this new update right now. We are going to do some more testing to make sure this still isn't happening. Since we just updated this, you may need to sign in again, but after that -- God willing -- you won't have to sign in after you quit your browser the next time. As I say, the advocacy team is going to do more testing because we have a number of reports in tickets and need to make sure this is truly fixed for everyone.

Again, thanks for your patience on this one.

Let me know if it works please!

You're totally welcome!

I am still needing to sign on Chrome tho not FF

is ok...i went out of SA and back and then closed browser and reopened SA and both times I didn't have to sign in again!!! WOOT TY for all the help :)

Great News! :) YVW!

Marie Bolt said:

OK NOW I CANT GET INTO YOUR NING LAYOUTS ????? I can do everythinmg but go to your layouts ?? HELP??

You can't log-in or you can't load the site?

Marie Bolt said:

Hello everyone, I have a very Strange thing Going on LOL..Ok When I click to your site it goes into exploer ,not my firefox..and than it says chrome ..i am not using chrome or exploer .Sorry about my spelling it wont allow me to use my spell check here either.....So I guess its what a person site is using rightis this how it works ?? Cause it will not allow me to get my mail from you guys Its there but it wont go through..So I do not know What you have said to me ... I can get into the layouts if I push on skem9..But if I push layouts it does nothing...HUGS MARIE XX

This sounds really scary! Are you updating your windows for security threats? The browser switching is not normal! Do you have a virus scanner?

Did you check these settings?

Crystal Raven said:

I have to sign in each time. Finally, I put the main sign-in in my bookmarks, Firefox and favs in I Explorer. I cannot sign in from the link on the top right though. What I notice is that if I am moving around on the site, I have to check as sometimes it signs me out. Perhaps it's me? Just thought I would mention it here and see. Thanks, Crystal

Yay! Hope all is still working properly!

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