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After a long pause from the Ning scene to focus on my family and some other interests, I seem to have returned to a sinking ship. I am curious to know what others are planning to do with their sites. At this point I at least have my wordpress site to fall back on, but it isn't always an easy road if you don't have coding background.

Please comment in this thread and share your future plans as well as any requests you may have for the site.


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We're ending our 7 year old ning site also. Ppl have gone to fakebook for an incredibly worthless, bland experience. Even fakebook is losing lots of traffic. Jim

Jim Morrison said:

We're ending our 7 year old ning site also. Ppl have gone to fakebook for an incredibly worthless, bland experience. Even fakebook is losing lots of traffic. Jim

Thanks for the input! I must say, after returning to facebook I was irritated that I can't seem to get a chronological feed. It's just throwing random posts at me.

Skem≧❀‿❀≦Tester Moderator said:

Been with Ning and creating themes for 8yrs and I have lost my "Love"♥ :~( "retired"

That's a bummer. Hoping you will still visit us.
Marie Bolt said:

I lost my love for ning since the new owners Changed things way too much.I use to love ning been with ning for many years and now I am a spruz lover ! Why you might ask Because we have it set up almost like the old ning..I am loving the idea that I now make my own page ,I am a caregiver and I need time out and I love to play on backgrounds or making groups . spruz is a little harder to work if you know nothing on how to put a background in But we have a group set up to make your background and a place where you need to join either tiny or or photobucket to save all of your pictures..Than you go in a put in a code on the per-made code and on any of the picture link and you put (Direct link (image in full size) in the per-code .It's easy ..We do not have any codes like you guys do nor do we ever use your codes...Just want to make that clear as you well know You are on our site .. But I love It I miss the old ning ,the ladies that made backgrounds where so awesome and loved looking through them.No More its not the same 3.0 is not for me ..I love coming here too because You guys are amazing ...hugs xoo

Thanks Marie! I might have signed up for your site, but never really did anything with it. Does it have many themes for you to use for your site? Not sure if developing code would work for other spruz sites. Is your site the only spruz site you are on?

If you really want to have something to fall back on you might want to try Spruz. They have all the features and more of the Ning 2.0 and they will import your members csv file. Even their paid option is only $4.95 and $9.95 to get the "white label".

I have my Wordpress/Buddypress site that I am happy with. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Sorry didn't realize how old this topic was.

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