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Layouts 4 Ning and more!

The site still exists for the moment.

I'm not sure of the future but I know that I no longer have the time it takes to run a site like this.

In 2013 my youngest son was born and in late 2016 he was diagnosed with Autism. I left my job shortly after that and took on hobbies that were less demanding. That's where I disappeared to.

Are there people still using this site?

Our separate Wordpress site went down in late October or Early November as the card used to pay for it expired and I hadn't even noticed until last week when I got an email that needed to be renewed. A former member contacted me on Facebook in December but unfortunately I didn't get the message until today. I do not use messenger on my phone and yes it had been a month since I checked my Facebook from a computer.

I don't even have a photo program anymore!

If anyone is out there and interested in me attempting to slowly replace the generators let me know here.

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Working on getting the generators back online. My hosting company is looking to see if they have access to a more recent backup of our site.

I could cry right now. Got some files up and they are old and not looking right.

I so do miss this site and I do come back to it off and on trying to find some themes that will work but none will work . My heart is so sad. It would be wonderful to see this site working once more

I'm just the kind of person who needs to finish a project once begun and it has to be "just right".

Files are on the upload, database has been restored to my last save. Here's hoping I still know what I'm doing. lol

Looks like everything should be back for now. Please let me know if there are any issues with the generators.

So much of our wordpress site is missing due to photobucket changes. I'm not sure if I should archive the whole thing and start over. lol

I know that I personally do not have the time to go through years worth of posts individually to remove them. I can see if there is a way to "Un-publish" by post Author.

I found a way to put posts into a "Pending" status to remove it from the site and allow the content creator to retain access to all their codes if they choose to redo the themes. This way I am not deleting anyone's hard work I'm simply placing it into an unpublished folder.

I'm not sure what other options are available for photo hosting. Possibly google? I use google cloud for photo backups but I believe you can have a certain amount of space free.

If I right click on the image it gives me the option to copy image location and it did work in a theme preview for me.

The link was really long though.
Welcome! I'm sorry you are having trouble with finding a theme that works. Many designers themes no longer work because they do not have a paid image hosting account. The themes I'm finding in the groups here are mostly broken. I'm working hard to clear those themes from our layout site but I have not done so here as I feel that should be up to the group owner to maintain their group.

Follow this link and you should find some working Christian themes.

memejoy said:

Hi , I just joined and I have tried all the themes just about and none work so far..   I am a newbie here..  looking for Christian Themes... I thought it was my laptop that would not allow the Themes for some reason..  Have a good evening..  Hugs, memejoy

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