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I stole this topic from another forum that I'm on. (Yes, I know.) It's a very simple game. Just tell us what you love today or what you hate.

I'll start us off. 

Today I love... the fact that I am getting tickets to see one of my fave bands on my birthday. I'm getting to see Avatar after work today with a couple of my friends. I'm completing the Coheed & Cambria CD Catalog, while I'm getting my concert tix.

 Today I hate... that I only work three hours. That it's very windy out today :(.  My internet is sucky today so Lost keeps buffering every now and then.

 What do you love/hate today?

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I love that we have a new game to play!

I hate that I had to pay a bill today and they changed their system.
I love that it's FRIDAY and that me and my fiance found a nice apartment for us that we will be claiming tomorrow :)

I hate that's it's supposed to snow A LOT tonight.
I love that my house is getting organized...

I hate that I have to do it. lol
I Love the Spring Season, being outside and hearing the birds sing!

I HATE Spring cleaning, because I am INSIDE cleaning and listening to the birds singing OUTSIDE :(

AnGella said:
I love that my house is getting organized...

I hate that I have to do it. lol
I love that my boss is on vacation this week.

I hate that I'm relied on to fix everything around here.
I LOVE the new forums.

I HATE that they keep breaking the server.
Crosses fingers and hopes another site on the server caused it.
I LOVE this nice weather.

I HATE this stupid label printer.
I love that I finally have time to make more layouts.

I hate that people keep interrupting me.
I REALLY love the new forums...

I hate that it took me forever to set them up because I keep hearing Mommy! Mommy? MOMMY!
I love that I am going to be moving the forums back here... lol

I hate that we have no Siggies here. :(
I love being home again!

I hate that my paycheck is going to be late.
I love that we can have Siggies

I hate to copy and paste ....hehe

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