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well me I was Butterflygirl.... hehe

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urbantribesman as i always will be
It's not important who I was on skem. That was then this is now. Skem went bye bye and left me with nothing.....Can't find anywhere to host my layouts now....It's all good though. I needed a kick in the ass and stepped away from the computer for a few months to enjoy life. I never went into the forums simply because I would lurk in there and see all the drama people caused and thought it was all very silly high school crap.
I can respect that. Glad you found us here. You can use your blog to upload a notepad code if you want to. I also hear that some people are using create blog.

As for the forums, I learned a lot there and let others do what they do. ;)
I don't actually remember because I use diffent names for seperate places, but I think kt_kitkat. I know JoJo anyways. :)
Started out as CoconutGirl and then BarbsLayouts for my watermarks
i was maemay722 also known as the skem9 smartass hahaha :-p
oh flaming jugs hahahahahahahah- hey peabug!!!! look, i even signed up here lol
I was Wilma and on here I am Wilma :-)
i don't even remember what I was on there. I do remember before it went down that I was about to change my name to '3 Doors Down Girl' though
I was Cr@fty on Skem...Am Michelle on Myspace but added the (Cr@fty) so my Skem friends could find me there.
I was southern angel there and here





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