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Women Who Love Blues Musicians and the Guitar Player Who Wants To Have Sex With Them :

Hello Blues Gurl,
I can feel the passion in your song.'s callin' out to me from where you are.
Gurl... yo music sound so good... you oughta tour wit me in Hollywood.
And yo body's so fine... that most the time... thoughts of makin love to you vandalize my mind. ...dirty thoughts. ...a couple of them may be crimes.
I'm a sexaholic. ...yes, that's true. But it's only because I'm hooked on you.
I crave the sweet & sour taste of you. ...just to calm me down.
The smell, the sweat, the body heat... you're the best drug I've ever found.
I wanna kiss your navel. ...I wanna hold you close.
And just like I said in that song I wrote... 'Never Let You Go'.
I wanna kiss your beautiful face. I think you can make it to the top!
And I wanna be your 'Personal Manager' baby...
Stop by my page and git wit me gurl. ...let me show ya how to be a star!

The NEW American Bluesman :
The Urbanization of Delta Blues

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