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The Beauty of Life

Wake up and give thanks for the new day .
Rejoice when passing near trees
smell the green
Look at your life today
and find that in the past was a dream
Today 's reality
Live your reality
Add more value to small details
Sometimes we miss the wonders that are so close
Just feel with feeling and rejoices that life is offering
Greet people
Always look at the bright side of life
Smile ...
distribute love
Love is a noble feeling for who feels
And for those who are open to receiving
Caress the one you love
Show your point of view
But listen also
Listening is a virtue
Notice the beauty of homes
the oldest to the most modern
Think it could be all different ...
But it is so.
Note the clothing that people wear
Think about why they dress well
Analyze your thoughts
And the constantly changing
Aim for what you want to feel
Whatever experience
Above all , seek happiness within themselves
Not find anywhere else
But only within themselves ...
If you notice the little things , and how to do well
Do not think about the problems is the solution
Life is so beautiful
And it is here and now to be lived
Living with intensity and joy
It is not easy
But it is a good exercise
To have peace
Let's try to see its beauty !
I seek Peace
And you ?

Maria Elisa

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