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I know, it is so sad without Skem and this other site is a JOKE but no names about that one :-), I miss all of my skem friends, we were all like family on there and it is so sad that we dont have it anymore

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well I decided to join lol, I am still trying to figure things out here
I miss it!
Take your time Wilma..Don't think this site is going anywhere any time soon! Never got the chance to add you on Skem before it went down, but we did talk a little about your layouts! Glad you're here hun!
I miss skem too and i wasn't too impressed with the other site either but i'm glad your here and we are all coming together again. I really like it here and I hope that will too.
well I am actually really liking it here, this is wonderful
*big hugs* missed ya.
HI sweetie girl. Glad to have found my way here. Have been surfing around getting familiar with everything. I'm totally liking this .... A Lot!! ... glad to have made it. *hugs*
So glad you made it over! And yeah, it was a joke...and not a funny one.
Glad your here and liking it! The atmosphere here is great really feels like home again :D
I know, it is so sad that we all miss it so much, but I am really liking this place, it is really starting to feel GREAT
Obviously I missed it a lot!
I miss it so much, I couldn't bear going to the "other" place. I'm so happy Angella is smart enough to start us a new site. I for one will support her in any way I can. I'm sure all of us oldies would. I was on Skem for over 2, I still click there just to make sure it's not back...yet!

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