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Archangel Metatron
Message channeled by Natalie Glasson

How would you describe the sweetness of life ? How can you access the mildness of life and have life everlasting sweetness to her that is for your delight ? These are issues that I wish to speak today and ask you to contemplate . There is such an existence , while experience the softness in your life every moment of your reality and you deserve the sweetness of life ?

As you know, your life on earth is a learning process , you could say it is nothing more than a learning process . You could afford to accept that their experiences , connections , interactions with your reality , loved ones , pets and yourself are simply learning processes ?

Surely this would get the meaning , purpose and authenticity of their reality and existence on Earth ? As always , you should decide how you choose to answer these questions and perspectives to put you , accepting that every aspect of your reality and even of their existence on earth is a learning process for you.

Allow yourself separate from your reality , seeking truth in every experience , feeling or thought . In reality learning where multiple options , ideas and scenarios are given , you have the determination to seek the truth, this is the truth in your being .

The truth can be an unpredictable process of learning and activation within your being , because there is no way to validate the truth of the Creator, even as an Archangel talking to you now , I can only share with you what I believe to be the and my truth , however , have no solid validation of the Creator as I speak .

However , I have a feeling of deep love , absolute and complete as I share my truth with you right now , that's all the validation I need to continue to keep faith in the Creator's presence , flowing around and through my being.

The search for truth can you ask that question , question their beliefs and understanding . The search for truth asks you to realize and release false beliefs while raises the vibration of your energy , so that it is open and awake to new inspirations and insights that fill it with love and admiration .

The search for truth asks you to familiarize yourself with your own energies and their thought processes , so that it can detect where in his being , his truth is revealed . If when you access your truth or inspiration within you , the ego is enabled and egocentric reactions occur , then you know it has not stimulated its inner truth .

Reactions can be egocentric , the feeling of wanting to prove manipulation , its power being reinforced , while taking the power of others. Until the sadness , negativity , lack , bullying , judgment and fear , are aspects of ego that can prevent the truth or divine inspiration to reveal within your being .

The more you become familiar with how it acts and reacts in your daily life , the more you realize when you're expressing , thinking or feeling an illusion and when the truth is emerging from within your being . You may notice that seek to understand their own inner truth , which could also be described as your intuition or the voice of the Creator is a powerful process of learning and growth.

Allow yourself to acknowledge every thought, emotion , action, reaction and experience in your life as a learning process . Then see how you react to this change in your consciousness . This makes a difference in the way we see, in the way it addresses the situations and the way that goes in your reality ? This allows you to take a step back and just observe?

This will allow you to relax and release a tremendous amount of pressure you put on yourself , in your reality , in others and in their spiritual growth .

Access and explore your inner truth is an aspect of softness of life , because once you allow yourself a certain amount of detachment from your reality on earth , offers you the freedom and ability to experience the sweetness of life .

The greatest tool to experience the sweetness of life is recognition .
You access a gratitude for the flow of life and the physical reality on Earth .

When you let go of the pressure you put on yourself every day , you begin to understand that everything is joy , there is sweetness in life, in your life , you can taste, feel , experience , interact and see .

This smoothness is not even the presence of the Creator , but it is the beauty that is within you and around you , the ability to love unconditionally , to laugh , to be free , to smile, to feel love , to keep the faith to feel supported , to express themselves and fully express the divine within you and to live free from fear . All these things , you can give yourself freely and fully experience .

The sweetness of life of which I speak , is the presence of life itself , the experience of being alive and the experiences of the vital energy of the Creator . Do you have a connection with the divine and holy Creator and in this life you can fully experience the Creator .


If you take a moment , imagine yourself surrounded by everything you feel that limits or be a burden upon you . May be the most mundane aspect of physical life , your emotional life or mental .

Suppose these limitations and bales have strings that are attached to you. Know that you chose to create these connection strings , so you keep the limitations and burdens with you , in your reality .

Maybe you've picked up that once some burdens or limitations have been overcome , you would connect or create others to replace them . Examples could be constantly not being able to pay bills , to be abused, constantly losing the objects of experience fear , and so on .

So , remember that there is softness in its reality , there is beauty , freedom, love , truth , happiness and peace for you experiencie fully , but you only need afford.

When you allow love in your heart and soul to manifest and emanate from within your being , imagine that love dissolves all bonds of connection and ask Archangel Michael to use his sword of light to cut your connection to the burdens and limitations forever.

See them , feel them or recognize them flowing away from you .

Now allow yourself to experience energy , energy and reality free of burdens and limitations . At this point , you are connecting with the softness of your life . You can feel loved , happy , happy, calm, a sense of freedom and the ability to make changes in your reality.

Exist in this manner externally is your divine right .

By letting go of your links to the burdens and limitations , you are not solving the problems , not ignoring them , but are allowing yourself to get into a place of personal power and space inside and around you that are in tune and in alignment with the Creator .

When you are in tune and in alignment with the Creator , you also access the truth of your being , inspiration , intuition and inner guidance .

Thus , the smoothness of life is not only to recognize everything that is inside and around you as sacred gifts , but know that you have within you the guidance to overcome any situation with joy, ease and perfection .

The sweetness of life is moving away from the self-imposed suffering .

When off the burdens and limitations , you are releasing the experience and feeling of suffering . Everything we perceive as the softness of life , the suffering is not present and does not let you fully explore yourself and energies .

This can allow you to explore emotions and negative energies , but these are actually a part of your being and your truth , meaning that suffering is present in the vibrations of the Creator ?

It can be difficult to accept when you are experiencing the pain anyway , but suffering can be a creation of self -imposed , it is also a lesson created for you , asking him to love unconditionally .

With your loving power restored , a connection to their intuition and a feeling of love that is given off , you'll notice that the burdens and limitations do not hold such power over you and can be resolved by you with tremendous ease. So, you are accessing and realizing the sweetness of life .

I would also like to bring focus to their emotions and how they are a powerful tool to inflict suffering on you .

It is important to note why you believe you should suffer and why they do not believe as worthy of experiencing , feeling and acknowledging itself as love . It is important to realize what is suffering, can be a fear , a negative thought , a feeling of sadness ...

It is important to explore aspects of their own suffering , especially emotionally .

The sweetness of life is to experience life in a state of happiness , peace and love .
This can be achieved and maintained with ease : the choice is yours .

Remember that the love of your being allows you to get away from suffering and realize that your life is sweet and you deserve to enjoy every moment of your life and reality on Earth .

With gratitude and love ,

Archangel Metatron

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