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Releasing the past ...

A. Rubia :: Dantés ::
These nights lost sleep and ... on cue , my mind began to travel in the past and bring up old situations ... and the string of thoughts came other ways that my life would have "if " I had made ​​other choices ... Fever and the "if " other situations were coming and other possible paths , but were not the chosen ones, also manifested in my thoughts ... and every different possibility of choice , the more likely paths opened and I did not travel on roads traveled ... these trips , the principle attractive and enchanted , were bringing me a little bit tired and a whole weight that seemed to match the images that appeared ...

It was when I was saved by a voice that seems , was up thoughts and said, "if " there is only you and holds you back ...

It was like magic and I came a huge relief and a deeper understanding ... Along with the image of all previous thoughts breaking, as if trapped in compartments glass shattering in jail when that voice came , came to see the lightness of many colors is freeing up the smash on the glass which held ... colors that were trapped in each compartment , free formed a beautiful picture ... energy and vibration ...

Today I woke up feeling stronger and somehow more power to act in the here and now ...

We solve things whenever we wondered how everything would be "if " we had done differently than we did ... That "if " is a way to hold us to the past and to avoid this and everything it represents ... I believe that all paths that did not, were not to be covered, or not offered the best lessons we needed to evolve ... I think our conscience leads us to where we need to go to encourage us to release patterns that imprison us and limit ... and often the paths considered by our ego as " worse " or better " are not what our Soul take us next.

Understood , again , what has not been solved in the past holds valuable parts of our energy that can not be used in the present ...
Our power of action is always in the here and now and not in the ways that we do not live in the past .

Somehow magic, that voice and that image of glasses breaking releasing the colors took me to a deep acceptance of my pick that brought me here ... being exactly who I am now ...

We often think , mistakenly , that if we had made different choices we would have other challenges that we passed them ... to our imagination , all flowers in the ways we did not choose ...
But we know that is not so ... If you came here for learning and we need to be prodded by certain challenges , in any way they manifest themselves from time to liberate ...

Acceptance is always something very precious that helps us to be more whole to receive what life offers us ... Accept our life exactly as it is in the present helps us release a past that never was and never will be lived ... and all you want is always more ... and just ... in the here and now .

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