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It sure seems like forever since I have been able to relax. Translation - I have been on here to work lately and not had much time to 'play' so to speak. Several reasons for that. We are now a two dog family. I am looking for a job that pays me so I can keep the house the dogs the cars and the websites. Scott is looking for work too. He has a part-time gig at The Rave, a concert venue in Milwaukee. Very Part Time. He is getting some unemployment but that doesn't cut the mustard.

It has been a long time since I have tried to 'get a job'. The last couple jobs I had were seasonal and I worked them for quite a few years. Sometimes leaving for a couple years and then going back. I tended bar, worked a snack shop on a golf course and dabbled in banquet serving. I have had so many jobs it is ridiculous. So I sit down and try to write a resume. How many jobs do you include? How long should the thing be? What are my skills? When it's all said and done... anything you type can make you or break you. I'd like to get out of the food service industry and into something that includes art or animals, if both then I would be in Heaven!

The whole resume thing has really bogged me down. I am writing it over for each type of position I am applying. I also like to research a company I am applying to work at. I may decide to get part-time work since not many places are hiring full time. Right now part-time is better than no time.

Last but not least, we have been having some technical issues on our layout site. If it gives you any hassle just let me know and I will try to fix it. All this week I have been fighting with it and I think it won. :( The widget that displays the authors was stalling the site and I am not able to figure out why it suddenly started doing this. The list of technical difficulties is long and distinguished. Please let me know if it goes bonkers on any of you. I apologize in advance for it's sassy behavior.

Well, I am going to try like heck to make myself a layout with one of Lise's gorgeous tags. ;)

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