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Life Mission and Spirituality

Presents a huge field , right in front . The high rise , you notice the wind gently licking the tufts of grass , insects flying here and there a bird in the air plays in stunts circular ... The clear day allows you to see a road through the countryside , and his own imagination and creativity already put there, walking , filled the sense of accomplishment and happy to be living and doing their ... life mission .
At this point , you already know exactly who - intimately knows their thoughts , their behavior patterns , their difficulties and their gifts and abilities . Already taken possession of himself . No more major psychological conflicts , which often led you to want to show to others that you were good , deserved to be seen ... troubled emotions that led to this and that blame for the problems of your life ... and the lives of others . Thus you can clearly show to other people , to your customers and employees and a strong personality to God , striking , striking , fully consistent with who you are ... You've stripped all masks : no longer feels the need to hide behind attitudes supposedly altruistic , not guilt over the world for their failures ... Vive towards their high goals that bring you pleasure , money and high sense of connection with the divine .
Say no and face the ugly faces of people , spoiled , they feel provoked by its strong personality and efficient . Do you know if challenging , and is not never satisfied in your own comfort zone : is pleased to draw him a new skill that only comes when you are provoked.
But on the other hand, believes that all the skills you have only been borrowed by someone or Something Bigger than trusted you to lead a competent job , dignified, prosperous and full of love for others . So no matter whether you are accepted or not by the majority. You're always in connection with this Something Bigger, through meditation , contemplation , walks and its creative manifestation , and it gives you quite sure that the path is the same .
With this faith in yourself and your Higher Self , you master himself : see when your mind starts to want to run away , filling content unnecessary , superfluous . Realizes his own emotion, his anger , his fears , his distrust , his envy , and yet can not identify with any of this, and stay focused . His eyes watch other people without trial , and in fact does not care what others say ... Only the important thing is what others feel , and it does not come through words. Therefore , you can achieve a lot , and sometimes even causes anger and confrontation in the right , as a good leader must know how to do . And also causes respect, admiration and comfort . You are charismatic .
The time for you is not given: it is lived and celebrated . Every hour , every minute is celebrated as unique, exclusive , and this time you find yourself fully present , looking your best , doing your best , even if it is " doing nothing" . The " nothing " to you , is very special , and filled the whole.
Your goals and plans are concrete , objective , simple , verifiable . In them there is also room for humor , the unusual , the creative , the chance ... Cause you know that, in reality , is not you doing things right or wrong : there is a higher command for everything we do , and to be connected with this command , only obeys orders ...
Obedience . Great word. Every good leader also knows very well be headed . And a leader spiritual needs further : having reverence for their parents , as much as I hurt for some reason , have reverence for their ancestors and the land where he was born ... and the earth where it came from his clan ... need to take the power that comes through the family system , and make something good of their lives it.
What is good ? Each has its measure , its values ​​. But in general , a leader in their life mission has the gift of connecting with prosperity . This means money, health , freedom from neurotic internal , good relationships , ability to accomplish many things , to study and learn more , to enjoy life and pleasure , though , without clinging to anything. For more money you have in the bank - and anyone connected with the God of truth , must be very - this leading life mission is not attached to anything .
Anyway , you know the importance of your personal brand , and you know put it in your "market " . Know exactly who is the target audience for which you have wonderful services to provide , love to spend , and exactly why , get well . You build your personal image , but know that the image is just a ... picture ... In the end , the only thing that matters is your mission is to be the service of Something Greater ... obey the call and live in obedience only ... this ...
You finally take a deep breath , his eagle eyes stare down from the horizon ... little rise , and they are setting off down the road that winds the beautiful illuminated field Illuminated ... by you!

Author Unknown

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