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Make a ' regime ' in their thoughts and wipe away any bitterness.

Love deeply and you will find that , in response , will receive more love .

Get out of that cocoon and participate actively in the world , open chest and believing that you are being protected by the hands of the Great Father

Stop storing heartbreak and resentment . Just act with gentleness and power and do not let the differences of opinions and life afflict them .

The more you ' swallow ' and holding grievances , the more your body gain weight .

Every expectation generates frustration. Do not wait for it to happen what you want , not want people to be like you, or give you what you crave so much .

Exit the position of victim and notice the size of his own power .

Nobody is responsible for its weaknesses or failures .

Everything depends solely on your attitude to life and events .

Have the courage to change their behavior and be yourself .

Play sports or workout .

Become more active your thoughts and put into practice their decisions .

The world will expect you to act with him .

Turn your fat into energy , shaking the dust of the past and looking forward.

Come on, wake up! Organize yourself ! It all just depends on you !

No more excuses to pack , as this only proves that you are really having some convenience in being fat .

Search what you want without harming your health and beauty.

And definitely try to understand that when we hurt with something is because we are being selfish in wanting everything to be our way.

Get rid of this tendency and accept people as they are.

Be yourself and do not let negative thoughts .

Elevate yourself every day with good feelings towards life and grow deeper into the spiritual evolution , no sorrows , no fears , no misgivings .

The more you get closer to God , you will feel more confident and happy !

( Extracted from the book: Body Language - Cristina Cairo )

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