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Message from Kuthumi
channeled by Lynette Leckie Clark

Their bodies are changing now , as they should. The change has been subtle and will continue to be . All evolutionary changes have occurred on Earth over many years and humanity is no different , with one exception , however - the three levels of consciousness . You see, the man was given the gift of free will , and with it comes the ability of the expansion of consciousness .

I tell you that his free will was always available to you . But my message today is to remember the power of your free will . Wake and fully understand that free will is your birthright . You are aware that the veil between our worlds is also changing - becoming too thin. This allows many look beyond its physical world , which in turn expands the conscious mind to a higher level of consciousness.

I spoke of the particles of Light now immersed in its atmosphere . Look , we all work together to raise their own energy levels . Levels of which I speak are your levels physical, mental and emotional . This also begins the evolutionary process of expanding its DNA with the pineal gland and the higher chakras of the physical body . In order for you to raise your vibrational levels to enable them to begin to fully address these particles of light , this change must occur within you and within your auric field .


It is important to understand this process , which is why I asked my brother Kuthumi spoke to them now . Many are familiar with Kuthumi and their ways . It was right that I seek this permission .

The first sign of change that your physical body is experiencing , is the release . It is the Karmic release any physical problems transferred from previous incarnations and also the release of any physical ailments that still need to be experienced .

Many can not understand this . But what if I told you that read this now had life experiences as a murderer , a prostitute of both sexes , released a life of darkness , practicing cruelty and pain to others , and much more, all in the dark?

It is true .
Each of you have experienced this.

Do not despair , because many also wanted to expand, grow in compassion , love and light of the Universal Consciousness , which many call God, and other names . These are brave souls who came to open the way and anchor the Light on Earth .

So far, there are some who incur physical ailments and will again transition to other realms through these diseases . The medical profession also expand knowledge and awareness they seek to cure these people. In some cases , those who are preparing to leave Earth and make the transition , will finally have a glimmer of understanding of something else - a new form of peace , a new form of healing .

Thus , they will transition with a heightened understanding and awareness. It may be that this was what it was all his incarnation. Just understand that there is a better way , a higher path to travel and learn . They will carry this higher consciousness to your next life.

Thus , there is a great physical release , as there should be . These lower energies are heavier and darker . They should be released , so that more light the soul enters a human experience on Earth . This is an essential part of your evolutionary process . And while the vibration of the mass rises , your linear time is accelerated also very necessary to help them release old ways of life .


All this experience is, of course , considered and reflected on a conscious level . There are some who , by their character , they feel unable to do this easily. For these other souls of his own soul family come in their way of life to create a scenario of experiences , to help this soul to release mental heavy loads . They do it with unconditional love , often invisible .

The release should also occur in the mental body . The release of non-acceptance . The release of the victim mentality . The release of the self -indulgence at any level . A journey for many, you will agree . This is happening now on the planet . Many call this a riot.

It is created for those who are still struggling with the release of power over the other , of his own greed and control others. This is the biggest release of humanity . The biggest change will also bring and keep the Light on the planet . In your thinking , you might say that these are the heroes of humanity . Without these brave souls , men would be unable to progress to higher levels . All that is necessary for large transmutation occurs.


This brings me to lower your emotional body . Every action is followed closely by an emotion , and every thought . Emotion. Much thought . You feel every pain , whether real or imaginary , must be ' justified ' in his mind . Many create a mass of living energy in the mind from various painful experiences . You continue to allow this pain living in your mind through thought , to relive the experience , refusing to let go of the experience . Many are still learning how to release .

This must be learned , if you are evolving . Kuthumi has often said that the intention is everything. It is true . If you have the intention to release , create an energy of willpower , and so this will be accomplished . You let it go and will release . How this will be wonderful! You will wonder why you insist on clinging to the painful memory for so long , I assure you .

For some , this process will take time . What is your linear time ? It only exists on Earth and is rapidly decreasing . Your " time " is joining us here in no time ! What do you think of this? It is interesting , however , is not surprising when you begin to understand where you are heading . The darkness is being transformed , just like you. The emotional body is overcome and released.


The lower mental and emotional bodies are released and replaced by a mental and emotional body of higher vibration . The transition will occur subtly. As you release old thoughts and behaviors , they are replaced by thoughts of a higher vibration , in alignment with the higher emotions of peace and compassion. The desire for a more cheerful and more peace . Not just for an hour or a month , but for an entire lifetime.

So what you call turmoil , is the evolutionary process of great transition . Each of you is responsible for his own process , and how quickly they want to raise their vibration levels . Be aware of the great power available to you in your soul . The soul will continue to propel them , to seek , to understand , to release , to hold more Light into your entire being .

Many old and wise souls incarnated on the planet to help in this great transformation process . The transformation can not occur without the desire to release . The soul helps and encourages this very desire for change . Old souls who maintain and carry lots of light and wisdom , also help in this process .

If you are not sure if doubt , learn to connect with your soul .
You will feel , you will know .

Perhaps then you will understand the way of the universe .

I am Julius

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