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"Okay children, we're going to run into this store really fast, and then get home. Dad's waiting."
Children yipping and screaming.
The mother gets the kids out, two to be exact, and grabs a shopping cart. Puts the smallest in the cart.
"Since you're a big boy you can just hold on to the side and walk. Okay?"
The son smiles, and grabs the side of the cart.

They walk through the store and pick up the things they need. Shampoo. Tooth paste. Dish soap. Body wash. As the mother grabs the last few items, she starts walking toward the check out. She's happy. Excited actually. For once her children didn't throw fits in the store and can get out with out getting funny looks. She takes a deep breath and lets out the air.

Pushes the cart into line and waits. In front of her is three people. An older woman with just a couple things. 'Although,' she thought to herself, 'I know this is going to take forever. She'll missplace something. Money. Pen. Her mind.' She shakes her head and sticks her tongue out at her youngest.

Behind the older woman is a mother of three. Beautiful children. All blonde. She giggled when she thought of the fact she wanted blonde children but now really glad she didn't. She shrugged.

Right behind the mother of three is a woman by herself. 'Ah', she thought, 'she looks so lonely.' People like her always makes her want to walk up and give them a hug. 'Sometimes a hug', she thought, 'can make a person feel so much better.'

When she came back down to Earth she noticed her oldest staring. She pokes him with her finger, "stop staring", she whispered. She looked up and smiled when she noticed the woman looking at her. The woman nodded her head and smiled back.

"Cute children." The woman in front of her said.
The mother smiled softly, "thank you."
"How old?"
The mother laid her hand on the younest childs head "this one is eight months." Then gestured to the oldest "he's three."
The woman smiled. "Good ages; or so I'm told. I'm sadly not a mother yet."
The mother titled her head to the side. "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. They really are a great pleasure."
The woman blinked a couple times. "I'm told that a lot. But right now my work is all the children I need."
They both laughed.

They continued talking while the older woman in front searched for her checkbook and a pen. They talked about the older woman, and the fact that the mother had thought she'd take forever. They also talked about the woman that seperated the older woman and the workaholic woman had left when she noticed that the older woman didn't have her check book.

"Oh. I know I had that checkbook when I left the house." The older woman said as she started pulling out the belongings in her purse. "Oh where is that thing at?" She shakes her head.

They talked about their jobs and husbands. The mother found out that she was single. 'Gosh I was hoping she wasn't', she thought to herself. They talked about things she hasn't talked to anybody about before. Not even her own husband.

The mother had decided to see if she wanted to swap numbers, that way they could continue being friends. Just as she was about to ask she stopped for a moment and noticed her son tugging at the womans shirt.

"Yes?" She smiled at the young boy.
He stared at the ground and twirled his shirt in his little fingers. "Um... how come you're fat?"
The mother gasped! The woman blinked a couple times, "excuse me?"
"You're fat! How come?"
"BILLY!!!!" The mother screamed. Horified she just stood there not knowing what to do next. 'Should I apologize? Should I say he doesn't realize what he's doing he's only three? Would she understand?" But instead of explaing to her anything she stood there. Frozen.

The woman in front of her shook her head and turned around just in time for the older woman to finish up. Put her stuff on the counter, checked out, and left.

The mother stood there and just watched the woman. She had no idea what to say. Would it even had matter had she explained that nobody in her sons life is overweight, and that he gets that kind of words from his father off the television? Would anybody take that and walk away? Would anybody understand that?

That whole night she sat around her house and wondered if people would understand. She wondered if she should have gotten on to him. She wondered why her husband would teach him things like that. Then she wondered if he did.

She questioned whether or not he said it just beacuse he was three.

You see that more and more now days. Little kids making remarks on other people they don't know on their outter appearance. I have actually seen grown adults do it.

The other day at work, for an example, a woman called a follow employee and I nasty. That we spread more germs than most people. Yes, that is how I and my follow employee took it. Did she mean it like that? We'll never know. People take things like that harder than what they are meant. Especially on ones weight. Children and adults both will never understand how much it hurts.

Yes, I agree with the ones that say "if you cannot handle the jokes and looks then lose weight". But is that really the best thing to tell someone that is about in tears beacuse of jokes and looks they get from people that SHOULD know better? What age does a person have to be to know better? Is there an age? And should you get mad at parents who has children who say things like that? Does the children know better?

But could you use "kids are being kids" when they make fun of people who cannot walk? Speak? See? Hear? Is that okay? Or would that be different? Is it really so much different than calling a person fat?

Love until later.

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Comment by Krymsen Tears on July 12, 2009 at 2:56am
When I first met my brother's ex-girlfriends children, every other sentence was a fat joke toward me. Then I met the rest of her family. So that, I think, was when I started wondering what made children do that. His Aunt, Uncle, and grandfather are all overweight. So it's not like he was never around a bigger person. Up until I met all of them I just thought of it as he was young, and curious. But to what age is it not right for a child to be curious?

I got to watch a mother beat her daughter for saying that I was fat. I am. It's not like I can hide behind a pole and deny being bigger than most. I told the mother it was fine, don't worry 'bout it. Ten minutes later she came back in and apologized, the little girl that is. That girl wasn't any older than maybe 5. If she was that. The mother, I guess was the mother, wasn't thin. So you'd think they'd know. But is it really right to get mad at the children that are just wondering?

I think not.

Adults on the other hand, should know better. :)
Comment by AnGella on July 12, 2009 at 1:21am
Children are curious. I think the boy was genuinely wanting to know why some people are bigger than others. During some of the kids shows they do have diet types of ads on tv talking about losing the fat. So I bet they might wonder, how do you get it in the first place? My own kid has asked me why I'm fat. So I tell her, because mommy eats late at night and doesn't get enough exercise. I've never been thin. But it isn't like I'm the first over weight person she's ever seen. It runs in the family with diabetes. So maybe she just wanted to know if I had diabetes. Who knows what was going on in there.

My daughter found an ad for the smile train in a waiting room the other day and brought it over to me and asked what's wrong with them? She just wanted to know why they were different, it wasn't meanness. They just say what's on their minds. They lack the filter of experience and likely felt bad when they learned that it may have hurt the person's feelings.

That's my experience with it anyways.
Comment by Krymsen Tears on July 11, 2009 at 11:52pm
Awe. I found a spelling error. How sad. *tear*




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